Because we have to go through trials?

 Let us illustrate. There is something that happens in nature that brings us a valuable lesson. Have you seen how the birth of a giraffe?
The birth of the giraffe is done to her feet, so that the first thing that happens to the newborn is down about two feet high. Still dizzy, the brand new animal tries to establish himself on all fours, but the mother has a strange behavior: it gives a light kick and the giraffe-cub falls back to the ground. Try to get up and is again thrown down. The process is repeated several times until the newborn, exhausted, can no longer stand. At this point, the mother again instigates with his paw, forcing him to get up. And no longer the drops more. From there, he stands alone, with forces, and can be standing firm. The explanation is simple: to survive predators, the first lesson that the giraffe must learn is to get up fast to escape from enemies.

Therefore, the apparent cruelty of mother-giraffe has the important function of training the puppy from being eaten by other wildlife. This learning will be critical to the survival of the species. Jehovah allows us to go through trials so that we can refine our faith. Recalling that Jehovah never acts with cruelty to any living being. Jehovah allows us to go through trials for us to improve qualities. One is perseverance.


  1. What a beautiful illustration. Thank you for sharing!

  2. pls. read ( 1Pet. 1:6--9, Romans 5:3--5 and James 1:2,3) we have to undergo trials to prove to Jehovah that we are gold.

  3. Sobering reminder indeed.


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