Will they change methods of ministry, violate the law, or all emigrate?

On 20 April the Russian Supreme Court found the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses to be extremist and prohibited its activity in our country. (An appeal of this decision was filed and it has not taken legal effect.) The Ministry of Justice discovered "violations of the charter goals of the organization and of current legislation in the RF," in particular, violation of the federal law "On combating extremist activity." The religious literature of the Witnesses (brochures, booklets, magazines Watchtower" and "Awake," etc.) have also been found to be extremist and their distribution has been prohibited. The property of the organization and of 396 Kingdom Halls (including the enormous complex of the headquarters of the Russian affiliate, "Administrative Center," in St. Petersburg) by the decision of the court will go to the benefit of the government.

Court refuses to grant habeas corpus to Danish Jehovah's Witness


The Dane is the first Jehovist who was placed behind bars after the organization's ban.
 Здание суда в г. Орел
Photos: Court building in Orel
The Orel provincial court on 21 June rejected the appeal against his detention from Danish citizen Dennis Christensen, who is charged with arranging the activity of an extremist organization. Christensen is the first Jehovah's Witness imprisoned in Russia after the prohibition of the organization by the Supreme Court. During the session, the Dane's defense attorney insisted on the groundlessness of his retention in custody and the defendant himself complained about the harsh conditions of being in the SIZO and he asked the court to release him to his family. A correspondent of Otkrytaya Rossia [Open Russia] observed the session.


A Danish citizen in Russia has been arrested and faces up to 10 years in prison after attending a private meeting of Jehovah’s Witnesses last week. The detention of Dennis Christensen is the first since Russia’s Supreme Court upheld a ban on Jehovah’s Witnesses nationwide. It is also believed to be the first time that an individual has been arrested for practicing religion since the Soviet era.

Russian scholar supports Jehovah's Witnesses

Maksim Leonardovich Shevchenko is the president of the Center for Strategic Studies of Religion and Politics in the Modern World and a member of the Council for Development of Civil society and Human Rights under the president of the Russian federation.
"I consider that this lawsuit, of course, violates fundamental principles of freedom of conscience inasmuch as it is difficult to call the Jehovah's Witnesses an extremist organization. Jehovah's Witnesses have not been detected in either any terrorism acts or evil intentions. The Witnesses do not call for any armed actions, terrorist organizations, or disobedience.

"The attempt is made to accuse Witnesses of not donating blood. But there is a mass of Orthodox groups, or Muslims, or Jews even more so who show the same care towards blood, considering it the sacred bearer of life, for example. So it is possible to go too far.

"I think, of course, that Witnesses are persecuted for only one reason—that working in accordance with the principle "from man to man," they constitute serious competition for the Russian Orthodox Church in a number of regions. And I consider that Jehovah's Witnesses, as an organization that was born in Russia in the 19th century, are, if not traditional, at least a native Russian organization. Its American affiliate, Watchtower, cannot define the face of this organization, just as the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR) cannot define the face of Russian Orthodoxy.

"Jehovah's Witnesses were imprisoned in stalinist camps and in nazi camps and, in general, they professed their faith firmly and strongly. Those who deal with Witnesses in personal life, when it is not a matter of religious questions but simply human relations, know that as a rule they are very decent, honest people, who do not steal or drink and who can be trusted.

"If it is possible in this way to ban the organization, whose members number in hundreds of thousands, then that means it is possible to repress other religious or public worldview groups quite easily. I consider that this is arbitrariness, and it is impossible to agree with this arbitrariness in any way. And one must protect the rights of citizens of the Russian federation who are members of this religious organization, in a judicial manner.

"And contemporary persecutions seem to me simply absurd. I do not understand how they are meaningful even for those who initiate them. What, is it simply to make a check mark? That we will suffocate those who are choking? It seems to me this is the unpleasant manner of the Russian security structures and judicial system. Here there obviously is the hand of influential public organizations, the Moscow patriarchate and its sympathizers at high levels of security services, who think that in prohibiting the Witnesses they are fulfilling some kind of supposed duty before Russian Orthodoxy.

"Therefore, frankly speaking, I think the ban to be unconstitutional and a violation of fundamental principles of freedom of conscience and of the very essence of the law on extremist activity." 



This year marks three years since Thai Government officials started using publications by Jehovah’s Witnesses as part of the national initiative to educate the public officials on how to address some key social issues. These issues include prevention of domestic violence, effective parenting, and improving physical and mental health.
Jehovah’s Witnesses Publications Are Being Used To Address Social Issues in Thailand
These government’s national education initiatives are orchestrated and implemented at over 8,700 regional Community Learning Centers that are spread across the country. The government has also set up 11 Community Development Learning Centers (CDLC), whose main focus is to train the community leaders.

Interesting case. ME MARRY YOU? NEVER!

Our young sister of six years old told her father that she would like to marry the circuit overseer that visits their congregation at that time. The father met the C.O. at the meeting and told him what his daughter had said. The C.O. smiled at her then she smiled back at him. 

After some months the circuit overseer returned to the little sister's congregation. When our young sister saw him she frowned and refused to say a greeting to him. 
Interesting case

First time an appeals court South Korea has ruled, FOR the Jehovah's Witnesses and AGAINST the government

But the appeals court in the southwestern city of Gwangju overturned the convictions and 18-month jail terms handed down by a lower court on two Jehovah’s Witnesses, arguing they had genuinely been motivated by religious convictions in refusing to serve.

"Religious and personal conscience is guaranteed by the constitution and cannot be restrained by criminal punishment," Yonhap news agency quoted the court as saying.

"The international community is recognising conscientious objectors," it said, while noting that "a consensus is shaping in our society on the need for an alternative service".

The judges also rejected prosecutors' calls to overturn a rare not-guilty verdict on a third conscientious objector -- also a Jehovah's Witness.
It was the first time an appeals court has ruled against the government in such cases. The timing and language of the judgement will provide a huge boost for advocates of reforming military service regulations.

Hurricane on Haiti last reports

Sad news ... Haiti ....
For three days we could not have any news of them, because there was no cell phone service in the southern part of the country. Last night we finally received the news that no one died, but almost all houses were destroyed Camp-Perrin.

Pictured is the Kingdom Hall.
The roof is gone, leaving everything in her wet and broken inside.

The history of our actors

Our brothers happy with her beautiful baby ....!

The remember .. ???
Congratulations on the birth of a boy. May Jehovah God bless you always ...!


Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia
The Sakhalin provincial duma supported an appeal by their colleagues from the Arkhangelsk provincial assembly for banning the religious organization of Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia. The deputies saw the reason for the ban not in the violation of any law but in the fact that "the number of Witnesses is growing at threatening rates."
Amazement is provoked by a whole series of facts.


Have you ever wondered which website is the most translated in the world? Perhaps the web domains of a wealthy company such as Apple? A ubiquitous search engine like Google? Or how about widely-read information sources such as Wikipedia? Whilst these are all good guesses, they are not the most translated website in the world. In fact, they're not even close! Read on and the result may surprise you...
What is the World's Most Translated Website?


Believe it or not, the official website for the Jehovah's Witnesses is actually the most translated website in the world. At present, the website has been translated into a staggering 731 different languages, and there are even dedicated translations for people who use different languages' variations of sign language, making it accessible for deaf people too. To put that into perspective, Apple's website is translated into 126 different languages, Google's search page is available in 149 languages, and Wikipedia has content available to read in 290 different languages. By comparison, the Jehovah's Witnesses home page dwarfs all three of these websites' localizations combined! Additionally, the Jehovah's Witnesses' physical publications are translated into even more languages and distributed globally -- a staggering feat of coordinated translation.
It's strange to think that the website of this relatively small religious group has such a wide-reaching localization, but after doing some research into this group's belief system, the breadth and depth of their translation efforts do indeed make sense if you understand their worldview.


The Jehovah's Witnesses subscribe to a belief system that is comparable to, yet distinctly different from, mainstream Christianity. One of the key pillars of the Jehovah's Witness belief system is that all its adherents must be able to read the Watchtower's (The Jehovah's Witnesses global HQ, based in the U.S.) publications in addition to the Jehovah's Witnesses' special translation of the Bible. In order for people to participate in the religion, they have to be able to read the Watchtower's publications, and translating their publications into believers' own language is necessary for them to belong to the religion.
Depending on your perspective, you may view this initiative as either an example of mass proselytizing via the use of carefully worded propaganda, or a commendable facilitation of a religion's belief system that makes extensive efforts to include all believers, no matter their native tongue or background. But regardless of your perspective on the matter, the work that goes into producing a consistent translation on this sort of scale is indeed mind-boggling!


Did the fact that the Jehovah's Witnesses website is the most translated in the entire world surprise you? If so, what did you think the most translated website was? And does the fact the this particular website holds the title of most translated in the world seem more reasonable once you understand the importance they place on reading their publications? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Celebrities side with the true God

Jehovah is really rocking the nation bringing in the honest hearted ones. Álisson is a famous Brazilian soccer player in the soccer team of Cruzeiro: Alisson and wife were baptized on the 2016 Convention of Jehovah's Witnesses in the Assembly Hall of São José da Lapa, Belo Horizonte, Brazil. the date of 16 juhlho 1016

MSP's Freedom of Expression booths offer everyone a soapbox

At the airport, there are little known spaces dedicated to freedom of expression.
Gil Tornes, 73, and his wife, , spent time together behind a "Freedom of Expression Booth," at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport in hopes of spreading the news about the Jehovah's Witness religion, Friday, March 14, 2016 in Bloomington, MN.
Curt McGee looks up from his Sudoku book, and Gil Tornes sets aside his sandwich. They have a visitor.

It’s not that visitors are unusual. McGee and Tornes, Jehovah’s Witnesses, get a lot of them during their shared Friday shift at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. But it’s rare that visitors to the airport’s Freedom of Expression booth want to talk about something other than directions.

EXCLUSIVE: Inside Prince's Jehovah's Witness Church for which the singer once went door to door Bible in hand - and made large cash donations over the years

Prince, who officially converted to the religion in 2003, is associated with the Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall, Saint Louis Park congregation in Minneapolis (pictured)
  • Prince converted to the religion in 2003 and is associated with the Saint Louis Park congregation in Minneapolis
  • The Dailymail.com took a tour of Prince's church and spoke with church elders about his dedication to the faith
  • They say Prince was a 'spiritual man' who very strongly believed in the church's message
  • However they do not keep his photo inside so as not to glorify an individual
  • A couple in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, opened their door in 2003 to find Prince standing on their doorstep with a Bible

Artificial Intelligence Sheds New Light on the Origins of the Bible

Twenty six hundred years ago, a band of Judahite soldiers kept watch on their kingdom’s southern border in the final days before Jerusalem was sacked by Nebuchadnezzar. They left behind numerous inscriptions—and now, a groundbreaking digital analysis has revealed how many writers penned them. The research and innovative technology behind it stand to teach us about the origins of the Bible itself.

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