''Global attack on religion'' - approaching?

'' Global attack on religion'' brothers and sisters indeed things are boiling to a point of no return as the topic suggests.The writers of the newspaper thought the topic was suggesting the halt of terrorism religious groups but its not like that. 

We Jehovah's Witnesses we know where this is leading to. We now know indeed Jehovah is turning his chariot in a direction He wants. It is Jehovah who made the writers of the article to write his idea not theirs when raising the issue. So that the world can come to its senses, so that nations can remember we have been warning them. 
This is a last step of love shown by Jehovah to warn nations by using them to write HIS own prophecy. If one looks at the topic its message is a hard hitting one. Its a ticking time bomb warning message. We have been preaching the prophecy using Watchtower pamphlets and nations never took a warning, with the same alerting message. Then now Jehovah using their ink He just wrote it to speed up the witnessing work as He sees His time is approaching in an alarming rate. 

To us witnesses we all know it really means the wipe out of all religious factions is so close. it does not just mean the attack on Boko Haram or ISIS. This is a tip of an Iceberg, a terror for all religions which is to come. Already nations or world leaders are starting to push signs of relief efforts for peace in the future. The other sign of hope was when USA and Cuba reconcile after 60 years, this has brought a lot of hope for peace in the near future. During the recent trip of Pope France to the USA, he embraced these two countries for such a great act after a long time. He even signed petition with the UN with the vision of ''peace and security'' in 2030. But we all know that wont happen in this system of things. The world will never achieve peace, but just murmuring for it. Until global attack on religion becomes reality in a shocking way.''
 Please come out of Babylon my sons and daughters, because it is in a hurry for demolition its time is near.....'' REVELATIONS...........

Тебохо Thakhisi


  1. So i've heard time is running out... :))

  2. jehovah..........prophecy.....,..fufilment. the end is very near.

  3. Religion: - time = 0, the fall of babylon the great-Imitate Jesus in this last days

  4. This is where discerrnment is to be used

  5. Godbye the false religions. Yes, we do not know but if it to happen this will prove the truth of His words in the Revelation 17:15-17...but before that they will announced the peace (1Thessalonian 5:1-3)...Agape Love

  6. My most sincere thanks to you for posting this. May you be blessed by Jehovah. Soon we'll be raising our heads up because our diliverance is getting near!

  7. Another false alarm but I thought I'd share it anyways.

    On August 1st or 2nd 2002 President George Walker Bush was meeting with Jordanian King Abdullah II and Bush said: "some kind of false religion, we must collectively get after those who kill in the name of false religion. We must get rid of false religion.

    If anyone could find a copy of Bush's speech and post it that might do some good

  8. Another false alarm but please verify this.

    On August 1st or 2nd 2002 President Bush was meeting with Jordanian King Abdullah II and Bush said the following. I heard this on the news one time.

    Bush said: "Some kind of false religion, we must collectively get after those who kill in the name of false religion. We must get rid of false religion."

    If there is anyone out there who could get access to Bush's speech and upload it that would be great.

  9. Bush's speech, around August 2nd 2002, was about peace in the Middle East and King Abdullah was there. I remember it very well because Bush saying this caused me to accept the Truth. This speech partly convinced me that the Witnesses were right about this prophecy and it led to my baptism, even though it was a false alarm. If I remember correctly I heard it on the news on August 2nd, 2002. I tried going to the WhiteHouse.gov website but couldn't find this speech. I did a search online and couldn't find any site that mentioned Bush saying this. If someone knows how to find this speech then please find it and post

  10. You will hear Bush say the words : "false religion" a few minutes into the speech

  11. Play the video. He says this around 4 minutes and 19 seconds into the video. In this video you will hear Bush say some kind of false religion and alse we must collecrivelly get after thise who kill in the name of false religion but I couldn't find the part where Bush said we must get rid of false religion.

    There was something on TV about Obama overthrowing Christendom in 2012. I'll look for that and post it too if I find it.

    Hope this helps spread the Truth


  12. Earlier today I found a website that contains the speech Bush said this but part of the audio is missing but you do hear Bush say the words "false religion" if you play the video. He says this a few minutes into his speech.

    I heard this in 2002, maybe Jehovah wanted me to hear Bush say this. I dont know. But anyways because Bush said this I accepted that the Witnesses had the Truth about the Bible and this led to my baptism afterwards.

    Please play this video and hear Bush say this for yourself and try to find a copy of this video that has the missing audio that someone or something caused to be removed from Bush's speech.


    Bush says most of this at 4 minutes and 19 seconds into the video.


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