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Throughout history, many Jehovah’s Witnesses have been acclaimed for earthly achievements in the arts, science, politics and sports. Sadly, many experienced spiritual shipwreck. But such is not always the case. In this post we take a look at a few of our brothers and sisters in the faith, whom we can look upon proudly, not just for their great accomplishments, but also for continuing to loyally serve Jehovah through thick and thin. Fame and fortune are often enemies of faith, but these brothers and sisters are proof that such is not always the case.


Margaret Keane 
Margaret Keane and actress Amy Adams
Of course, only Margaret was up to the task. Of course, the movie doesn't bring out a whole lot of the "knock on Sister Keane's door" that changed her life. She and her daughter were both baptized on August 5, 1972, in the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean of Hawaii. Sister Keane's life story appeared three years after she was baptized in the article: ”My Life as a Famous Artist” (Awake!, July 8, 1975). In that article you'll learn more interesting details not covered in the movie. For example, did you know that the works Sister Keane created before she learned the Truth tended to depict sad-looking children in dark settings. Once she became one of Jehovah's Witnesses, her work took on a happier, brighter style. Keane's website now advertises her work as having "tears of joy" or "tears of happiness".

George Benson 
The name may sound familiar as she was the subject of a movie that just came out at the end of 2014, titled Big Eyes and starring Amy Adams. From her early days in Tennessee, Keane was known amongst her fellow parishioners for her charming drawings of angels, which, as the name of the film suggests, were characterized by their big eyes. Her artwork continued to impress people when she was an adult. Unfortunately, those who appreciated her work didn’t even know she was the artist behind them, as her pieces were sold under her husband’s name in the 60’s. She would eventually take him to court and win in one of the most unique trials in the nation’s history, in which the judge demanded both parties paint a picture of a child in that trademark style – right there in the courtroom. 

This Grammy-Award winning Jazz guitarist is another well-known Witness of Jehovah. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, where he began playing music outside a corner store at age seven, Benson’s accomplishments also include a triple platinum album (Breezin’) and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Benson enjoyed making music that is about love and romance, but without the crudeness often present in such lyrics. In this, as well as in the healthy relationship he’s maintained with his beloved wife Johnnie Lee since the 60’s, Benson is a shining example of how fame and fortune need not turn one away from serving Jehovah. 

 Brother Benson started to study the Bible in the 1970's after his beloved cousin was tragically murdered. In an online interview, George explained how he learned the Truth: ”For me [studying with Jehovah's Witnesses] answered a lot of my questions about life and another thing about going to different churches was I got a chance to see how other people think so none of that was wasted. I had a chance to see what motivated other people so the value was still there. My mother took me to all these different places to learn about religion in general and for me the thing that I was looking for was found with the Jehovah's Witnesses. They are very demanding in that they stick to bible principles and they do not waiver from it. I like that about them more than anything else.” He was baptized in 1979. Brother Benson is now 71 years old and has been faithfully serving Jehovah for some 36 years.
George Benson about Jehovah God and Michael Jackson.
George Benson says how was his talk to Michael Jackson. Says that he used to go door-to-door with a Bible in his hands.

Ida Eisenhower 

If the first thing that comes to mind when you see the name Eisenhower is the former U.S. president, you are on the right track. Ida was the mother of Dwight Eisenhower, considered by many to be one of the greatest presidents in the nation’s history, but she was also an accomplished woman in her own right. As a young woman growing up in Kansas in the 1800’s, she was discouraged from going to high school, but she did so anyway and even went on to graduate from Lane University. She was a part of the early history of our faith, as she joined the International Bible Students in the 1890’s, a group that would soon be known as the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Her home would be a frequent meeting place for the group. Having raised four children, including Dwight and Milton – the latter would go on to become president of Kansas State University, Pennsylvania State University and John Hopkins University – Ida was named Kansas Mother of the Year in 1945.

Sister Eisenhower is briefly mentioned in the article, ”A Soldier Who Became a Preacher” October 15, 1980 pp. 25-26.

Leopold Engleitner 

Before passing away in 2013, Engleitner was known as the oldest male survivor of the Holocaust. He is the subject of the documentaries Unbroken Will and Ladder in the Lions' Den. Engleitner was baptized as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses in 1932 and, even before the rise of Nazi Germany, faced intolerance from his Austrian countrymen for this. His treatment in concentration camps was such that he dwindled down to 54 pounds and was released only when he submitted to a life of slavery. Two years later, he was forcibly enlisted in the German army. Choosing not to fight, he hid in rural mountains and was hunted by Nazi soldiers, but never caught. The courage to remain steadfast in his faith despite imprisonment and torment makes him a great example of what it truly means to be steadfast. 

Brother Engleitner's life story appeared in the article: ”Though Weak, I Am Powerful”, May 1, 2005 pp. 23-28.  

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