Have you thought about moving from his congregation for personal problems?

Some want to get away - move to another congregation, when you have personal problems with other brothers. Does this solve? Let us illustrate:
Once, a young man came to the edge of an oasis and, approaching an old, asked him: What kind of people live in this place? Instead of answering, the old man asked: What kind of people live in the place where you come from?

Ah! A group of selfish and evil people - the boy answered. - I am glad to be out of there. And the old man replied: - The same thing you will find here. On the same day, another young man came to the oasis and seeing the old man asked him: What kind of people live here?
The old man replied with the same question he had another boy: What kind of people live in the place where you come from? The young man replied, - magnificent People, friends, honest, hospitable. I was very sad to have to leave them. For the same you will find here - replied the old man. A man who had heard both conversations asked the old man: - How can provide answers to the same question so different? And the old man said: He who found nothing good in the places where he spent nothing you can find good here. He who has found friends also find them here. That is, everyone finds in life exactly what has within himself. The same is true of our congregation, we who create it. Often the problem is ourselves. No point in changing the congregation, because the problem is in ourselves.

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  1. Yes I have thought about that but when I remember that those people that I will be meeting there are also imperfect I calm and perch


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