As I usually see my brothers?

An old man talking to a brother who complained much of the other brothers and so had no friends in the congregation. The brother said: "I can not stand Francisco, he is convinced and proud."
But he is cheerful and participatory - said the old man. Whenever there is an arrangement in the congregation for helping in the kingdom halls of buildings, it is the first to stand ready to help.
Again our complainant brother says, and Marcia, then? Seems to have the king in the belly. You are right that it helps the other brothers in the ministry, after all she is a pioneer, but it is a flat.
Brother remember that Marcia has been widely used by Jehovah to help people come unto organization. Only here in the congregation have about 10 people who have been helped by it and today are dedicated and baptized witnesses.

Perhaps answered the critical brother, Sebastian lives more showing off just because it is the oldest in the congregation. Whenever he has some experience of the past to teach something.
Remember that it is a wildcard and already broke very branch here. Remember that many brothers which include many young people seek wanting to hear their uplifting stories of the time he served as a traveler.

Seeing that this brother even saw only the negative side of people, the old man asked the young man to follow him. He took a little sugar in the kitchen and went to the backyard, where collected some of the ground sand. Mixed crystal sugar with sand and placed near an anthill. After a few minutes, an ant discovered the sugar and warned the others. Before long, they made a row and his brother, surprised, noticed that ants only carried the grains of sugar, disregarding the sand.
All people are like that sand pile mixed with sugar - said the old man. Let us be wise as ants. Let's enjoy the good in people here in the congregation. See qualities and set aside the defects.


  1. Work together in Field Service to build friendships that will last throughout all eternity...

  2. I don't think they r refferin to any gender here. They r talkin of agape love, d muture standered of love to all brothers and sisters.


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