How do I resolve disagreements in the congregation?

Once a girl has won a toy on his birthday. The next morning a little friend went to his house keep him company and play with her. But the girl could not stay with her friend because he had to go out with her mother. The friend then asked the girl to let her stay playing with his new toy. 

She did not like the idea, but because her mother insisted, he agreed. When he returned home, the little friend was not there: he had left the toy out of the box, all scattered and broken. She became very angry and wanted to go to her friend's house to fight with her. But his mother said, Do you remember that time a car threw mud on your shoes? Arriving home you wanted to immediately clean up the mess, but her grandmother did not leave. She said you should first let the clay dry. Then would be easier to clean. 

With anger is the same. Let anger dry first, then it's easier to solve everything. Later, the bell rang: it was her friend bringing a new toy. He said he had not been her fault, but a jealous boy, malice, had broken the toy when she played with him in the garden. And the girl replied: Never mind, my anger is dry! Disagreements in the congregation may lead some Christians to have feelings of anger. Hold your impulses, let the clay dry and then clean it. So you do not run the risk of committing injustices.


  1. You solve it by applying Matt 5 : 21-24 and 18 : 15-25


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