The danger to judge motives.

There was once a young man waiting for his flight at the boarding room of a big airport. How would still have to wait for many hours by flight, decided to buy a book to pass the time. He also bought a packet of biscuits. He sat on a chair in the VIP room of the airport, to rest and read in peace. Beside him sat a man.
When she took the first cookie, the man also took one. She felt indignant, but said nothing. Just thought: "But that face-to-stick If I was in the mood, would create a mess this guy would never forget." Each cookie she took, the man also took a biscuit. What was making her so angry that she could not even react. When there was only a cookie in the package, she thought, "I just want to see what this bad mannered going to do now ...". Then the man took the last cookie, divided it in half and left the other half for her. Ah, but that was too much!

She was too angry on the outside and inside, but as I wanted not to make any scene took her book, her things and headed, angry and grumbling at the boarding gate. As he sat comfortably in his chair, already inside the plane, looked into her purse to take a bullet, and, to her surprise, she found?
She saw that her packet of biscuits was still there ... Intact, closed! If this situation happen to you how would you feel? She felt so ashamed! Then he realized that the wrong was she, always so distracted. She had forgotten that her cookies were kept in the bag, and the man saw that she took his, had divided his cookies with her without feeling angry, nervous or angry. And there was more time to explain or to apologize. Before drawing conclusions, look better. Maybe things are not exactly as you think. Talk more! When we do this, we avoid hurting other people by judging wrong. And avoid going through shame as this.

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