A pastor who was on preach. A Conversation with a pastor, we met on my way back to home.
Pastor: Hello young man?

Me: ohh, good day sir!

Pastor: thank you, have this tract,

Me: Ohh Really? What's it saying?

Pastor: take a look,

Me: ok, seen.

Pastor: accept jesus as your savior, you will get success, an be in the kingdom of the lord, if you die you'll go to heaven be with christ, but if you don't accept jesus as savior, you'll be condemned to suffer in hellfire,

Me: excuss me sir, Where in the Bible does it say: if you accept jesus and die then you'll go to heaven to be with him?

Pastor to his member: Do you remember the verse?

Member: NO!

Me: sir, you cannot find such in the Bible because it not a Bible teach, READ ECCLESIASTES 9:5, 6; 3:19, 20: the Bible teaches that the dead are unconcious, and know nothing, they remain in the grave, unconcious, and don't go else~where, but awaiting ressurrection.-John 5:28, 29.

Pastor: are you Jehovah witness?

Me: seems you know they teach Bible truth, YES i'm.

Pastor: no wonder,

Haha, lol
Preaching the good news in Brazil... 


  1. That was great hope I can use it. Good speak up abt d truth,i mean scriptura

  2. If u known the truth,the truth shall set you free...i wonder where the got this hallfire thing from,it's so so annoying,GENESIS 3:19 i wonder if the have come across such bible portion before.

  3. Wow thats great brother it help when u know scriptures,i like it. Wow !thats great


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