My best education

If someone asks about your educational background, proclaim boldly that:
Jesus is my principal. 
Holy Spirit is my tutor.
Angels are my classmates.
 Registration is my baptism.  
Kingdom-hall is my college. 
Jehovah God is my councellor.  
Full time service is my university.
 Receiving everlasting life is my degree.
Teaching others bible truth is my assignment. 
The Bible is my syllabus with publications as my study guides. 
 Registration is my baptism. Persecution and trials are my exams.   
Comments at the meeting and Declaring the goodnews is my slogan to college. JW.


  1. I love dat. Very nice indeed. I really like it. So impresive!

  2. Wonderful. That's good IDEA! I've that one before.still powerfull

  3. Wonderful especially as I am poorly educated love to Jehovah God and to Jesus Christ


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