Hurricane on Haiti last reports

Sad news ... Haiti ....
For three days we could not have any news of them, because there was no cell phone service in the southern part of the country. Last night we finally received the news that no one died, but almost all houses were destroyed Camp-Perrin.

Pictured is the Kingdom Hall.
The roof is gone, leaving everything in her wet and broken inside.

Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew. Jehovah God will give them strength and endurance in these difficult times. Jehovah give our brothers the power beyond what is normal to cope with this

Nothing except they have lots of damage and they are checking on all brothers and sisters to see if there are deaths or injury. Many have home damages. Elders and committees are making arrangements for needs.

Over 900 dead in Hurricane in Haiti. How much longer ???
So far in Haiti last reports: more than 900 dead, serious problems epidemics, humanitarian aid is sent, famine is foreseen as the country is desolate ... It is not known when brothers for their lives ...
Pray unceasingly for all those who are enduring this flajelo in recent days. Heartbreaking. JEHOVAH please comfort your people. Song 136 Matthew 6:9,10.

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  1. We thank Jehovah that life has been saved, but sorry for the loss hoping that they will get help. So glad they were saved, but so sad that so many other people died. The people that are lift need so much help.
    I have faith that Jehovah will care for you thru the efforts of our spiritual family.
    Just hold on upon Jehovah my dear brothers &disters there in Haiti because he will not leave nor forsake you.Rest assured that you are all included in our prayers.


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