Interesting case. ME MARRY YOU? NEVER!

Our young sister of six years old told her father that she would like to marry the circuit overseer that visits their congregation at that time. The father met the C.O. at the meeting and told him what his daughter had said. The C.O. smiled at her then she smiled back at him. 

After some months the circuit overseer returned to the little sister's congregation. When our young sister saw him she frowned and refused to say a greeting to him. 
Interesting case
The C.O. noticed this and walk up to the young girl and said : Hello, you remember the promise you made? That you are going to marry me? 

Our little sister said : Me marry you? Never! I can't marry someone that comes to the meeting once or twice in a year. You are weak and won't make a good husband for me. The circuit overseer laughed. Our little sister does not know that circuit overseer's only visit a congregation once in 6 months!!!! Share this and make our brothers laugh.

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