Jehovah hear us. Don't despair!

Real case, sent.
With one man in Abhazii Jehovah's Witnesses began to study the Bible. And went to him completely one book, but the war with Georgia, and he went to war. In the first battle, he was captured and thrown into a deep pit. There've been a few people there was damp, dark they are almost no food, and periodically there throwing more people.

This person Zaur call it, thought it was just because he knew about Jehovah and his principles, it is impossible to fight and kill and he went to war, so he got into this yamu.Usloviya were terrible and he began to think more about Jehovah, forgive me if he went to war because I was shooting at people. And he realized that the only thing he can do in this situation is to pray to Jehovah for forgiveness. He began to pray every day asking Jehovah to forgive him and get out of this situation in which he got, he promised that if Jehovah pulled it out again he begins to study the Bible and will never be to act contrary to his will, he was baptized and fully ispravitsya.I here once a man who threw them bread. Said that they were happy that two or three of them tonight released exchanged for their soldiers.

Of course Zaur'm waiting for this exchange, and he hoped that it will exchange and release, but when it's time to exchange it is not exchanged. He thought that Jehovah did not forgive him for what he knew its laws but still violated, and intends to go to war. But as there is hope, he continued to pray and think about Jehovah. And after a while he came again exchange. Zaur hoped that it can be exchanged in this time, but this time it is not changed, then came the third and fourth exchange but it did not change. He desperately prayed to Jehovah, that would be let out. And one night a man who threw them bread brought him and another friend and put them in the trunk of that night had brought them and let go.

Having said that, I see that you are a peaceful people go home. Zaur course very happy and began to thank Jehovah. Zaur as promised again found the Jehovah's Witnesses and began to study the Bible, and then baptized. And once in Sochi when he was on the market, he saw a man who had no legs, he stood and asked for money (alms). This man seemed very familiar. He went to him and found out that it was one of those who sat with him in captivity in the pit. And that was one of the exchanges. Zaur asked a friend what happened to you after you have released and freed. To which he replied. You know you are very lucky you did not get into obmen.Kogda we got out of the hole we were taken and placed in a large house. Initially, we were given to sleep off, well fed, and so were a few days. And then we were told, as we have exchanged now you belong to us, and will carry out what we say, and who will not listen to us, we will kill. Since you already presumed dead. And we were all thrown into Chechnya where we had to fight. In one battle I lost his leg and I became disabled, while others perished.

And now Zaur understood why he was not in any one of the exchanges. As he sat in the pit he thought that Jehovah has forgotten him or hear his prayers. But actually it was not so. Sometimes, when it seems to us that Jehovah can not hear us not despair. He always listens to us, it just takes our prayers not just when we want it. And then when it benefit us, so always pray to Jehovah, he hears us and fulfills our prayers. At the right time for us.

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  1. My bonita experiencia, realmente muestra como Jehova sabe much mejor que nosotros.


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