UN rights' report includes attacks against religious minorities in Ukraine

GENEVA - A United Nations report says there are reliable indications of an ongoing influx of heavy and sophisticated weaponry to armed groups in eastern Ukraine comprising foreign fighters, including from Russia.

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights issued its 9th report March 2 on the situation of human rights in Ukraine based covering the period from Dec. 1 to Feb. 15.

The report presents unresolved and emerging human rights challenges in the eastern regions of Ukraine and in Crimea as well as other parts of the country and it includes attacks against religious minorities.

"...Then on Jan. 10, in Horlivka, five Jehovah's Witnesses ministers were taken to the office of a 'Donetsk people's republic' commander and accused of betraying the Orthodox religion.
"They were allegedly punched and kicked and subjected to mock execution. After several hours, they were released while threatened with being shot if they continued their religious activities," said the report...

On Jan. 22, in Donetsk city, a Jehovah's Witnesses minister was abducted at his workplace by members of the Oplot battalion, a military unit of 'Donetsk people's republic.'

He was blindfolded and interrogated several times before being released on Jan. 23.

In addition Dec. 5, 11 and 20, Kingdom Halls (prayer houses of Jehovah's Witnesses) were seized by armed groups in Krasnyi Luch, Telmanove and Zuhres.
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  1. Out in the open air what fals rel. do to human beeings who dont follow them


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