You know what should be our attitude toward the preaching?

There was a man who lived in a small town. He lived in a high place. He saw that the dam of the city was about to break. He could not and did not even have enough time to get warn people of the danger. What did he do? What would you do in his place? 

He set fire to his own house! 
People ran to help him and were automatically saved. This illustrates a very important thing for us. First, are we willing to do everything to save people, to losing our own important things like home? It also illustrates the attitude that people need to be saved. Only saved who was to help put out the fire. 
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  1. We do have a lot to work with love the teaching

  2. very apt for the time left.agape brother and to all stay faithful to Jehovah. ( Romans 14:8)


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