Are you ready to food shortages and ...?

Are you ready? Jesus said there will be food shortages? Do you have a year's worth of food available? In case? 
And ravenous hungry people will come to your door starving, have some cheapo rice or nuts and cheapo canned food to give away and save some for yourself, the better stuff, and raisins ready for them, plus learn how to learn to eat
weeds, they are herbs actually, very nutritious, they are greens and don't taste so bad once you give them a real chance. 

Also take in knowledge on how to save rain water since they may shut down electric and water supplies, for whatever reason we can be stranded in our own homes.....Research is worth every effort. King Nebuchadnezzar ate grass roots for 7 years, and John the Baptist ate locusts and honey. This gave me ideas, on how to look ahead for the famine. Joseph got a vision about stock piling for the famine. 

I know Jesus gave us a warning at Matthew 24:7, I take what Jesus said very seriously. DO YOU? . . . I have heard several times at the Hall to have a to-go bag ready. Enough supplies for a week or two, a few changes of clothes, food and water, maybe some paper towels, toilet paper, plastic bags for garbage and water...... ARE YOU READY?. . . . 

There is so much I really want to say, but its better if you go on You Tube and look under preparing emergency food and stocking up. Money will be valueless and food and supplies like paper towels and bags will be better to have extra to help friends and educate locals who come around begging. Have some cheapo food on hand to help others, too. Its better than eating dirt and clay like those starving in Africa do. Here is a video to help get started:::: 

Think about mice and store rice and boxed and bagged food in plastic tubs too..canned foods can go in no tubs. Nuts and dried fruit in tubs stored so you don't need to cook. Sunflower seeds and raisins are rich foods in nutrients, dried bananas all very good can make trail mix, dried cranberries and bananas.... Stock up... Here's that vid:

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