We eat from the table of Jehovah

Consider these piece;
A woman got married to a man who was rich,wealthy and handsome,they enjoyed their marriage in all aspect but one thing was missing,what was that?
When the man is going to work the woman will go to the market,buy foodstuffs, prepare a zesty and tasty meal..then she will set the table waiting for the husband to return from work and eat. The woman's main aim of sacrificing her time to prepare the food is termed as nothing by the husband who comes back from work an have already eaten in a hotel,and these has not happened once or twice but many times so the wife was very unhappy and says that the husband doesnt value her at all. 
Now the faithful slave class has provisions available for us to eat and be well fed spiritually,do you leave their provisions and go to read publications that bring shame on jehovah's name? Do you read all the books you colect at the counter? Do you value these wonderful opportnity to dine on jehovah's spiritual table? 
Or are you like the husband that take his wive's meal for granted? Digging deep into these provisions is like eating what your wife prepares,it makes both the provider of the food and the one taking in the food happy.


  1. Very good illustrative. We need to eat to have something to give out

  2. We need to keep feeding at jehovah's table to stay on the right track never look back or let any one cause us too stop taking in knowledge.

  3. Ese es nuestro alimento espiritual es lo primero para estar fuerte espiritual

  4. I feel just like JESUS. My food is to do the Will of my FATHER JEHOVAH

  5. Wonderful message. Also serves as a great reminder.

  6. Very nice reminder, thank you for you efforts! I only want to recommend to write Jehovah's name starting with big letter.


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