P—-PRAYER (MATT.6:9,10)(PROV.27:11)…
A—-ASSOCIATION (ROM.1:11,12)(HEB.10:24,25)
D—-[*1] DIRECTIONS(PS.119:105)

You're in the market in the afternoon, you look up, suddenly the sky starts to turn dark, the cloud starts to gather, the wind starts to blow. What is going? 

Definitely you'll know that its about to rain. Thats not the time to start prizing. You'll start to hurry to rush home. Even if you came with your car, you'll still hurry to pack your goods and go home before the rain starts. By the time you gets home and the rain starts, you'll be relieved and happy cause you know that you're under the comfort and protection of your home. 

Brothers/sisters, Raise your eyes up, can you see what am seeing? Can you see the great clouds gathering up? Can you see the sky turning dark? Can you feel the strong wind blowing? What do you think is about to happen? I'll tell you! A huge rain is about to fall. So great that its type has never been seen from world's beginning till now. What are you doing??? 

Why are you still in the market prizing? Pack up your things lets go home, to the comfort and protection of our huge, towering and powerful home. As we're seeing with our eyes of faith, the coming of the great rain(Armaggedon), lets hurry up and pack up our goods and leave this market(this world). 

Before the rain starts, lets be at home (Jehovah's organisation). Jehovah's organisation is the huge house, the only house that can protect us from the impending destruction of this immoral world. We don't know the form in which Armaggedon will come. We know and are convinced that Jehovah is backing and using this organisation as an Ark to save lives in this forthcoming strong rain. Just as we saw in one of the study edition of our watchtower last year, the organisation is giving us signs that will signal the great tribulation. We can trust that Jehovah will use the organisation as a strong house to protect his people. What is now left on our part? 

Remain in the organisation, always attend meetings. Know it that the reason you miss meetings is the same reason why you should be there.

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