Time fulfillment of the prophecy already near...!!!

Brother and sisters like I once said that 2015 is wonderful more than any year in history. As world events enroll in a very fascinating and dramatic manner. All we can proudly say FATHER JEHOVAH is at hand to make a violent scenery the nations have never seen and again it shall never happen. As the prophecy is unfolding, things that strike humanity are starting to show up. In this year 2015 in the month of August the 8th, happened an incident that made myself to think what will happen to the globe when the prophecy reaches its climax. In that day everything was calm and humid.

 As I look around the streets of Gugulethu in RSA. I saw people laughing, women gossiping everyone in the jolly mood of attending their different churches. One can just notice a fly coming in and out of their mouths that they were excited to see their pastors. As usual on the other streets Jehovah's witnesses were giving a witness to the surrounding area, when suddenly a noice was heard nearby a church tent. people were running away from the church as the members of the other politically party chased them. Others tried to defend their church but within a minute the community joined the politcal party to throw people out of the tent. The attack was after an accusation of a pastor who allegedly made people to eat snakes, claiming they will turn into chocolate. It seemed the political party said it was enough of pastors fooling people that can lead to their deaths. 
The police arrived but the tent was on fire. Everything happened so fast while church goers screamed "hands off our pastor and our church" but it was too late some of them were bleeding everything was in chaos....The fly that was coming in and out of their mouths had gone down their bellies to cause the scream. As witnesses no matter we can keep ourselves busy or pretend like the prophecy is not speeding up, like nations do. Indeed the incidents like this one show that we are living in a ticking time bomb. 
Lets remember at the start of this year. 8000 strong soldiers from four countries Nigeria, Chad, Niger and Cameroon were all out to combat an insurgent rebel religious group(Boko Haram). This operation was pertified by United Nations. Its clear brothers and sisters that, the actions of hyprocricy are clear and visible to the world political organ(UN). Meaning the time left is too short. Jehovah has already pronounced the day the time of the attack on"Babylon". It can happen that Jesus now know the time. In the book of Romans the chapter and the verse states that "we know the time ". Its pity I have forgotten the verses, but I know one of you brothers and sisters will remind me. If the Bible says that we know the day what about the son of Jehovah. It might happen Jehovah has told him. To us we know the day might come anytime soon because of the global events happening in a very fast manner. Indeed the day of Jehovah can happen anytime.

 Then the question is are we ready brethrens. Is our faith zealed. Are we trying by all means to remove our old habits?. Are we welcoming the poor in our families?Do we invite them for dinner? Our brothers in need of jobs do we try to help them found jobs? Or we are just like the brother in the book of 2 John 3:17-18. Can we call that help brethrens. This is one of the signs that we see amongst our ourselves. The day is near lets change brethrens. Have we forgotten that the paradise is for the poor. The poor are the ones strong in faith. 
Read Jacob 2:3-5. This means we might have enough to live but we have to be rich in faith, have love towards our downtrodden brothers help them by all means for them to survive this system of things. We are living in a time whereby those that are rich have to live like they are poor. Not realy to be poor but having the mind of Jesus Christ who willingly helped people out of love. We have so many brothers whom sometimes go to meetings without food. Its always Jehovah who comes to the rescue. In our conventions some of us just eat in front of them. We cant even call them to share what we have with them. Every congregations have brothers that are poor, but during convetions when we eat we dont remember them. But Love cares. It feels pain. It willingly wants to help, just like Jesus did during his time in this world.

The other event showing the preaching of good news is spreading to greater population. Is the crisis in the middle east. The people there have opted to go to european countries. Who is allowing this brothers and sisters except Jehovah and why? The answer is simple: is for these people to be preached good news and their lives being saved . Our brothers in Germarny and neighbouring countries will real play their part in speeding up the preaching of good news to these refugees. Then Jehovah will abundantly bless them.(Matt 24:14).
The interesting event also is the panicking of the crook Pope who is playing a "good man" by indulging in what politicians have to do. He is in America now telling politcians about how to handle immigrants. Also telling them how to solve climate crisis. This has brought a lot of questions from other leaders if the Pope has the right to indulge in political meetings. Maybe others are starting to notice he is a snake hiding hypocrisy inside the church. So brethrens its wonderful living in times like this. May we rejoice Jehovah by doing his will, so that he can prolong our lives to see his hand destroying the false religion.
Keeping our eyes on the watch for this events is for our own good, brothers and sister as its going to be tough after the great tribulation. It wont be easy for us to live our comfortable lives, when the annointed ones tell us to live our sources of living behind and go to places of escapee. Where faith will be deciding the ones that love Jehovah. So who will really adhere to this warning. Remember not all Christians took the warning of Jesus seriouslly about Roman soldiers that will retreat and return back. Allowing clever christians to escape!!!!!!!!!!!!!. What will I and you do if that time arrives now.
Posted by Teboho Thakhisicity from South Africa


  1. Come Lord Jesus, Come! put an end to all these governments, false religion and satan.

  2. Encouraging... Todo indica que estamos cerca del fin,, y de nuestra liberación

  3. Whoever they are... Life, like a mist appears for just a day, than disappears tomorrow... So, what we need to be afraid ?!! does not exist because our lives depend on the Jehovah and our loyalty to Him... Persevere and do not give up my dear brother and sister . Hopefully Jehovah protect and safeguard to you all ..Agape Love


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