In life there are many things that we can not see

In a classroom, a teacher was trying to explain the evolution theory to her student, she as a fact took her students outside, pointing to the sky she asked 'Can u all see God?' well since the student couldn't see God they replied 'No'. 

Then she said "well, if u cant see God in d heavens, then he doesn't dwell there". Satisfied she had proved her point she took them back inside d class. However, a 12-year old Christian girl was uncomfortable with the teaching so she raised up her hand and was called, pointing to the teacher's head she asked d class: 'Can u all see our teacher's brain on her head? The reply was 'No' then she ask the student again Do u believe our teacher has a brain despite we cannot see it? They all reply YES. 'that means GOD DWELLS IN HEAVEN DESPITE WE CANNOT SEE HIM. 

The students started clapping for this young intelligent sister without the teacher telling them to do so and the teacher was ASTOUNDED at the way young sister drive home her point.

Yes, God is invisible but from creation; from d tiniest seed to the wonderfully designed DNA and carefully crafted the universe. His qualities are visible & we know He exists.

If a chimpanzee heard that God does'nt exist it will say WHAT?!

On this question:
- And what you personally convinced that there is no God?

I do not believe it, but I always got an answer: "I have not seen him!"
It's a stupid answer, because 99.9999999999% of things that exist in the universe, we do not see. But this does not mean that they are not.

And look at the second part of the film PROGRAMMING OF LIFE! Delightful documentary, award-winning cast serious doubt on the theory of spontaneous generation of life. The second part is devoted to the world and some of the 501 parameters without which life would be impossible.

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