Cases of service. At the bar

A drunk walks into a bar shaking his head. The bartender asks him what's wrong. The drunk says: "It's those Jehovah's Witnesses!! Everywhere I go I run into one. It's downright freaky!!!"

"Well, you're safe in here. No Witness will walk into this bar at this time of night." said one patron. The whole bar burst into laughter at that idea. "Yeah! If one of them Bible thumpers came in here it would have to be the hand of God." said another. More laughter and table slapping.

Suddenly the door opened and a clean shaven man in a nice suit walked in with a briefcase in his hand. The bar became so silent you could hear a mouse breathe. The man looked around and smiled at everyone, put his briefcase down and said: "Hello, I was in the neighborhood and...". that's as far as he got. He placed all the literature in his bag and started several bible studies.

After everyone had left, the brother turned to the bartender and said: "Can I use your phone? As I was saying before, I was in the neighborhood and my tire went flat and my cellphone died. You were the only place I could find close enough that was open."

P.S. We're always told that we are guided by His angels when we do our ministry. And that's been proven so many times already. Although this is just a made up story to make us laugh and show how ardent we JWs are in doing our preaching work, it may have happened in real life, too. People can find us even in the most unexpected places. Resistance is futile...:)


  1. This one time I got a new client at my job I was giving her a pedicure and she said that she moved up to the mountains and she said that she moved up there so that she can get away from all the people. She continued to tell me how nice and quiet it was and how she enjoyed the quietness and then not so many people around. Then she said but you know what's funny of all the people that Jehovah's Witnesses still found me. Way up in the middle of nowhere and they still found me.
    Then I replied with a smile and I told her yeah we pretty much go everywhere.
    And then she laughed and said oh my goodness you're one of them.:))

  2. I was doing door to door in Glendale when I met a guy who asked many very good questions (imagine my excitement). To the end he said, "I think JW's are following me". I asked him why do you think we are following you? He said, "I'm from Iran. When I was there Witnesses were coming, then I moved to Canada, they were still coming, now I m in America you are still coming"....but I explained why. I realized how good we are doing our job.

  3. No matter where you go you cannot escape from the Brotherhood worldwide. I can give some funny incidents where I've bumped into different ones unexpectantly!

  4. Very true, that's really show how Jehovah wants to cover all places try to save all.... We Jehovah's witnesses never skip place... Even bar!


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