A story of a donkey it is said that longed to be like the king of the forest, the strong and mighty lion. And both want to be a lion he spent trying to scare other animals of the forest. But every time he tried to roar like a lion, just left a distinctive whinny of animals like donkey. As a result, he could not scare the animals, by contrast, was a laughingstock throughout the forest. Until one day, walking through the forest, the donkey found a lion skin, probably abandoned by a hunter. Set it and realized that served perfectly. It was the river and looked at his reflection in the water. It was almost a real lion. Now yes, could frighten anyone who would. And he proceeded to chase other animals of the forest, fleeing in terror. Was the subject of the forest. All animals commented famous Lion larger than normal. Over time, the donkey was getting excited and venturing more and more. Until one day it started to scare some hunters who were distracted. Ran after them and cornered in an alley surrounded by trees, which the hunters had no way out. That's when he forgot that it was actually a donkey and decided to drop a lion's roar. The result is not without saying. Of course not left a roar, but a snicker, as any other dumb. The hunters, realizing that it was not a lion, took the donkey skin and beat up the animal to death. 

We can apply this story to clerics of Christendom. They wear impressive clothes, like that lion skin. But they can not roar like a lion, ie they can not tell the biblical truth, only can whinny like a donkey, or tell untruths apostates. And there will come a time when the hunters, that is, the very human governments will definitely beat and kill not only the clergy, but all Babylon the Great.

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