illustrative examples
Consider these piece;
To hike means taking a long walk in the country either for plearsure of for exersice,it could be climbing a high mountain or walking on level land.But a hiker is always alert to hazards and pitfalls he also need steady and regular supply of food for stamina,to avoid being lost in the jungle a hiker needs a relyable compass or geographical system machine to help him and when a hiker falls,he does well to get up and continue so that he could reach the top and on the way he meets variouse things that his eyes take delight in seeing like flowers,birds;insects.animals etc and he appreciates them,then what a joy a hiker finds when he finally reach the final destination...

Yes,those in the race for everlasting life are similar to hikers,the must be alert to pitfalls like materialism,sexual immorality,independent thinking and overconfidience,they need regular supply of spiritual food by personally studying the bible and meditating on it. Like a hiker who needs a relyable compass for direction,we likewise need guidance from God's word the bible. We know that the road to everlasting life is rough,we may fall so like a hiker we need to brace up and get into the race again.We also need to appreciate every spiritual blessing that comes our way like the provisions from the faithful and discreet slave class etc. Then consider the joy it will bring us when we are finally able to reach the promise new world..oh what a joy it is to immitate a good hiker as we pursue righteouseness.

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