Why I Left My Church

WHEN I accepted a position in the office of my church I felt that God had blessed me. But little did I realize what lay ahead.

You see, my being on the inside of the church’s organization gave me the unique opportunity to see and hear more than could the average churchgoer, who attends only Sunday-morning services. I came to see what goes on in church as few people ever do.

One day the church office phone rang. When I answered it, I learned that the mother of a family was dying and they asked me to send the minister to their home at once. I shall never forget that day. The minister, instead of going to offer spiritual help, asked me to get the church lawyer at once. The minister wanted him to go to that home and make sure that the dying woman’s will was acceptable and that she had included the church as a beneficiary.

That day my eyes were really opened for the first time and I began to pray for guidance. Then we moved to this small town [Warrensburg, New York], where I thought that things might be different in our Methodist church. For weeks no one spoke to us and no one called us. I would attend church services but then come home and cry.

Finally, I offered to help by teaching Sunday school—a job I held until a serious illness forced me to resign. The minister was angry because I could not continue teaching. Oh, but did they know where I was when they wanted money and more money! In fact, all I heard was nine thousand dollars to repair the organ or we need money to build a new home for the minister, and so forth.
I finally stayed away despite feeling guilty and afraid because of not receiving communion the first Sunday of each month. In time my prayers were answered. One day when I was especially depressed, one of Jehovah’s witnesses stopped by to see me. She told me about the prophecies in the Bible and Jehovah God’s purpose for mankind. I began studying the Bible, and not long after that I left my original church. I began associating with Jehovah’s true servants, his witnesses. And what great blessings I have received from this! If we only ask that Jehovah’s will be our will, then all things will work together for our good.—Contributed.


  1. Soi because an idol and phylic sympol.

  2. My wifes step father's granddaughter came to visit him & he took her to her first convention, as soon as they got home she called her mom & told her that they been robbed, God does not need money, the church they were going to always asks for money, we had no idea where she learnt this, there were no parts talking about money at all, but some how this little girl notice that God does not need money.


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